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Can Damaged Vehicles Be Restored? – Find Out!

The answer is Yes! A vehicle collision can be a nightmare. It may leave a dent on the exterior of the vehicle & your wallet as well. However, it depends on the car’s age, the vehicle model you have and the extent of damage that decides whether it can be repaired or replaced. Car collisions are downright annoying. Both the cosmetic appearance & mechanical and electrical condition of the car can get devastated during an accident. However, not the end. Luckily for you, panel beating centres in Mitcham are there to restore your severely damaged vehicle in the shortest span & transform your car. Instead of costly vehicle replacements, you can always count on reliable & professional panel beaters in Mitcham to bring your vehicles to their original condition.

Fixing Dents & Paint Correction

Whether the panels are badly damaged or slightly dented, the mechanic can assess the damage; recommend the type of repair it requires to bring back its beauty. If there are dings, dents or scratches, a Paintless dent repair specialist may rub off the paint scratches & restore the look. For severe dents or shattered panels, the smash repairer may disassemble the panels from the vehicle, replace them with new ones or repair the old ones depending on the extent of the damage.

Collision Repair

When there is significant damage to the vehicle exterior, the mechanic may remove the car panels to determine whether they can be repaired or replaced. They fix new panels, check the mechanical & electrical condition of the car, and get the technicians under the hood to resolve any complex issues.

Auto Glass Repairs

The first thing that gets damaged during collision is your car glass. Whether the front or glass windows or rear mirror, it may shatter. If the auto glass is not protected with tints or protective film, the damage maybe severe.

Paint Correction

Then, they correct the paint scratches with the spray painting technique to cover up any visible flaws. Once they figure out the perfect colour that matches your original colour, they put the paint to achieve a matte finish.

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